Hello and Greetings from Casa Santuary;

Time passes that there are moments that i wonder how time flew by and i didn’t see it…Here I be what 2.5 months on the sunshine coast…Its nice i am enjoying all that it offers right now. The Dog walking group that Peso and I hooked up with today was faboo despite the dampness while the rain was at bay….Peso was so damn happy to be among his peers that he gave no mind that i was present…The walk,trails and company human and dog was great….So i have deemed Monday’s as Peso and My pack day with others.


Life here is quiet but rewarding. Art,Reading,walking,beachcombing,setting up a garden,hot baths,music,creativity,baking,cooking,yacking on phone and writing are my many days and evenings..Tis is all good for the soul!!! Read On…….

The Creativity is surging which feels good to exercise that xpression more and more..materials i am finding and those that show up is like christmas everyday…however my cozy space is tiny,so the search begins for something a bit bigger that a studio can be central..Roberts Creek or Gibsons .I still have things that need completion but certainly feeling more like following through….its different to acclimate into winter season here so with three layers of clothing and other winter accessories I walk on.


So thats all I write today…hope u are well in this winter season. I think the pics will tell the story of some of my journey here on the Sunshine Coast..



Blessings from Casa Sanctuary………..


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One Response to The Rhythms of Roberts Creek

  1. Rog says:

    Love your new blog Uppity- Sounds like you are getting settled in and Peso looks so cute. Sure wish he and Butch would have connected before you two took off. So glad you are forever creating. I, too am working on a large mixed media piece from old monoprints I found and have been collaging them together on a large board. When it is finished I’ll shoot you a pic. hugs,


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