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The rain has stopped,Snow is gone and the sky is a brilliant blue.Life is humming here at Casa Sanctuary as signs of spring are bubbling within.Spring cleaning is happening about the casa getting real about letting go of things that no longer hold my interest or the desire to hold space . No worries about me becoming a minimalist that just isn’t gonna happen,however I am wanting to make space for new things to move in.


The casa and I continue to embrace enjoying each others company,although its a smaller space for some reason it just works for my lifestyle. Its certainly change.


Its also time to walk new paths seeking new horizons. Workshops have been a large part of my life for so many years I believed in what I was trying to do creating and facilitating was a large way of my creative unfolding. It all sounds so romantic as I write this but the reality is that no matter how many workshops I created and the few I facilitated..it just never took off and has never supported be abundantly. But I hung in there far too long through the frustration of trying to make it happen.


The door was held and propped open throughout the years with so many ideas…Recently the final frontier came to pass as another workshop presented itself. The awakening came that no matter how deeply I felt about creating and doing workshops it’s not my calling and so I close the door softly walking away from a part of my creative herstory that as time passes will become memory.


There definitely are other doors in front of me but none have opened up yet.Meanwhile art exploration is in the now throwing ideas,musings and insights into my cauldron stirring ,allowing it to perk away smelling possibilities.


The other thing for me to do is decorate the doors until one or more open to me.So this is where I sign off,preparing my toolkit,diverse ideas ready and willing to get a move on in sprucing up the closed doors. As life goes there is a reason to move on from what was.I am fascinated at my 50 years of age just how multifaceted life continues to be.


Thanx for joining me today…its appreciated..


In Solidarity;



P:S The pic above was cross stitched for me by a talented artist co-worker/friend Suzanne from my 9-5 working days many many moons ago.Its always been displayed somewhere in my casa with pride…Thank U Suzanne




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