Happy Newest Year;
Hmmm already January…I’ve turned the page for new words and stories.What better way to refresh then for this writer but to commit to a solo art show.At this writing 6 months of creating and counting down. The two year Art Residency (2009-2011) in Harrison Hot Springs B.C gave me the gift of two solo shows. Its been awhile so onward to a third show which will take place in Mission July 2015.

My studio mate has moved in.....

My studio mate has moved in…..



In Progress…..”Altar Ego” July 2015

I’ve been in theory and research of this show for several years and ready to unfold/share the many diverse pieces of “Altar Ego”

Part of Altar Research(a gift from  friends)

Part of Altar Research(a gift from friends)

So without further blah blah blah…Welcome to the journey of “Altar Ego” I will update studio updates here weekly.


Blessed 2015;Rhonda


The Theory of  "Altar Ego"

The Theory of “Altar Ego”

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