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Today is a wet damp day outside my window but that’s ok with me as it allows me time to do some arting,writing and just hanging out.


Days like this give me time to form ideas for new art pieces and ideas…so its all within mainly cause I have no interest in trekking about in the outside soggy environment except a quick walk with the dog. The past seven years I’ve used a creative tool that has been beneficial in all aspects of my life. The vision/dream board is a simple basic

approach utilizing inexpensive materials.


Vision/Dream Board


Dreams, Goals, Visions about health, career, abundance, love, community all of this is yours and more to envision via a dream/vision board.Its simple, fun and an easy creative process.


A vision/dream board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. The purpose of a vision board is to be a visual representation of what you are wanting to create in your life.


Materials Needed:


magazines(national geographic are a visual image buffet)008


glue stick




poster board


Creative Process:


What are u wanting to bring into real time..career,love,money,health etc and so u that relates to your world


I know it hards not to sit and read the stories and talk yourself out of cutting up the pretty magazine..go for it read and cut it out..images,words making your visual/dream board a creative feast while maintaining your vision.This can take u a few hours or days to put it all together but please in this case u have all the time in the world to make your dreams come true.


When completed put it somewhere that u can see it often giving energy to what u created on your vision/dream board…Presently I am creating a vision/dream board every full moon for a year,thus far I am 6 months in.I’ve quite enjoyed the commitment and practice of putting energy into some different directions that interest me.




Let me know or better yet send me a pic of your vision/dream with some insight into your vision/dream board


Enjoy and may the creative force be with u!!!!


In Artistic Solidarity;





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