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Come on in and chill out for a bit…..So my creative cauldron does spill over with many possibilities as well as actual creative happenings..This is the mere beginnings. I reside in a 800 and bit square foot condo in Mission BC and the living room was turned into work space which has flown into and throughout the rest of the condo.Its nowhere near ideal working conditions and its a constant fight for work space here. I am an assemblage artist which means there are many things of all shapes and sizes that unfold into my creative work…

finger painting with charcoal sticks and pastels

finger painting with charcoal sticks and pastels

Live/Work @ CasaSanctuary

Live/Work @ CasaSanctuary

However this is what i have to work with so continually trying to make the best of my working conditions. and Yikes!!! its only the beginning stages.its a tad daunting as to the look of this space as days go by.

paint table(kitchen)

paint table(kitchen)

Many of u have asked Why Altars? I’ve always had a love affair with the way diverse cultures worship,remember and honor .The opportunity to witness this in my Mexico travels bought me a great deal of introspection…My travel journey did not disappoint in fact here I am creating a show from experiences and perspective.

some of my objects for my assemblage work

some of my objects for my assemblage work

The Altars I am creating unfold in many ways such as paying homage to love,abundance,compassion and so it goes.Although I have a map of the altars to be created,the objects take on a life of their own once they enter into my live/work space.What my head thinks comes out very differently once my hands start handling the objects.

"OM" Altar

“OM” Altar

Altars can be objects that have meaning to u placed on a fireplace mantel,a side table or placed within something…The something can be as simple as a box…In my case one of the something’s I am using is a guitar!!! all of it is relative and certainly up for whatever your interpretation is as we all see things very differently.

My life presently is very focused on unfolding each altar which takes all of me…Lately I have been doing alot of painting,it loosens and opens me up so that the altars tell me what and how to approach them. Its exhausting and very slow going(Its a good way for me to work through my grief)…I have a three page materials list so my readers if u have things that u are tossing please let me know as your castaways could be just the right thing I need for my Altars.Thanx so much for stopping in to say hi its appreciated as its easy to lose touch when my head,heart and soul are deep within the creative process..

In Altar-ed Solidarity;



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  1. Virginia says:

    Your living space looks very organized and I found myself wandering around many times so I could see everything!

    Sending my love.


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