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How is life treating u these days as we spring forward?…Life is ebbing here at the casa.As u may have noticed it does take me some time to post as that is where the flow comes in..writing just shows up usually the title first and then it all begins to spill forth in which case it is time to blog then post.


My Peso


My Kasper

Life has an interesting way of showing us aspects of ourselves at just the right time. This story started long ago when I was a child. Animals especially cats were a big part of my life and so life went on.When I resided in Mexico a new beginning started to unfold which I was not aware of.(that came later) Peso my little Mexican dog showed up,he was gifted to me by my friend Klaudia who in turn got him from a friend of hers who was a dog breeder. Kasper my cat moved to Mexico with me and I had no intention of getting a dog but as usual life had a whole different script for me.



Peso was a baby ball of fur and right then I decided that if I was going to have this dog he was going to be trained.Peso has got to be the most laid back dog I have encountered or better yet owned,he is always in joy,balance and confidence.Along with kasper who also has these qualities except kasper is more vocal. I feel blessed with these two animal beings in my life as they have given me so much.



Where I am going with this, is I knew that I liked animals and there it stopped but it turns out that they like me too. I am a tough love kind of personality with people and animals as there is certain shit I just can not tolerate.Moving along in the last couple of years animals appear usually its other peoples dogs and cats as they gravitate towards me as I do them.

I am a bossy sort which believe it or not works quite well with animals lol lol and some humans lol lol lol..I always have been a leader and not a very good follower.My experience of people loss in my life these past two years has left me less enamored with humans and more comfortable with animals as they truly are unconditional and ask no more than I am capable of giving . Its easy to be me, grief,flaws and whatever around these four legged beings.


Oscar laying on his back

So days flow into weeks filled with art and animals….I walk my neighbors large dog Luke 5 days per week,Niki hangs out at my space 4 days per week with a daytime start at 6 am,once a week Oscar comes for a visit and playtime with Peso and lets not forget about my two who truly are a constant example of ebb and flow.

As an artist all of these animals add something to my process and progress as my show “Altar Ego” is being born..all I gotta do is show up for these lovelies.walk them,pet them and pass them some treats and they reward me with their joy in hanging out at the casa among my creative chaos accepting what is…how easy is that. But being human I sure can make art pieces way harder than they need ever be.I am grateful to be shown a part of me that 10 years ago I would’ve never believed..Thank u to animal planet daily at Casa Sanctuary.

Dr. Rhonda Dolittle

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5 Responses to Animal Planet………………………….

  1. luchia feman says:

    rhonda doolittle hahaha fur babies, a term you coined I believe, are the best kind of friends…..divine sparks will help with the creativity every time!! As I write this Mavis has decided to try to push all of her four lbs into the shed and meet mother racoon and babies…..guess who’s grounded?

  2. Natalie McCarvill says:

    Rhonda ~ No wonder we get along! When I was single and renting, I was never allowed to have a dog or cat. But I couldn’t live without some other species in the household, so I had a bird and a hamster. I highly recommend rats ~ they are really smart, loving and kicked back. Now we have 2 dogs and a cat, which will be challenging when we go to rent in our new location! Wish us luck!

  3. mcelliott says:

    sweet bestest! I can now leave the bird loose while goin for a swim and the cat leaves him be…mary dolittle lol

  4. I got to know my grand-rats for a little while when I rat sat for my grandkids once. Now I have my dear friend, Riley dog. Love him very much. And, of course, his love is unconditional!

  5. Heather Alicia says:

    Love it! Well, you know me, dear friend. I have rarely been without a dog in my life. And now I have four. And we’re actively looking for two more. Yup! Two more! You heard me right. We have rescued 19 so far and don’t plan on stopping. Enjoy your pals, they are good for your spirit! Love you! xo

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