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Can ya feel it…..the signs of spring are popping up all over..Yahoo warmer to hot temps here they come.The deadline looms closer for my July Show and honestly i am maybe 1/4 ready.Being my own curator in my live/work space involves time,many thoughts and a whole lot of objects. Although i have vision for my pieces. what has been happening a number of factors that change up the creative flow.

Altar 3 009

Peso and Kasper about in studio

The gallery where i am showing in Mission in undergoing a big renovation,I had a mock layout of where pieces would be within the space.Well my layout has been scraped due to the fact its not gonna work. Second the focal piece that i had wanted for my show is also a no go due to the fact that something else has moved into the spot light. As was written in the last post the aquiring of my many objects needed for the show are incoming from others i put the intention for the pieces i need or don’t and they come to me.


The House Altar


Can u see the dollhouse?

My focal point is a house altar a very large dollhouse that is presently taking valuable real estate in my live/work space.Approx a month ago i placed an ad on craigslist for a free dollhouse.there were no takers so i let it go until last week something told me to go look in the free section of my local craigslist area and behold there it was my dollhouse. The dollhouse called to me .which in turn i called a friend with a truck…yep the dollhouse needed to come to my space on a truck, my thoughts on obtaining a dollhouse is it would be big enough to be placed on a plint in the gallery..luckily it has castors on it but damn its a heavy one.(note to self:be careful what u wish for) So space was created for my shows focal piece despite the fact that casa sanctuary is quickly filling up.

The house Altar is my portable house on wheels in which the unfolding will welcome the viewer into “home” I am building it so u the viewer will come to peek in the windows ,to be drawn in and to just be…This is a piece that can live in or out depending on your space. just a wee secret though between u and me its gonna be waterproof with a another surprise but i don’t want to give it all away. ya just gotta come and see for yourself.

I am building it so u come……………………….

Last week i sent out a show announcement without revelant details such as where the show is and the time of reception so here it is again please save the date…would love to see u.

“Altar Ego”
July 14th 2015-August 1st 2015
Reception: July 18th,2015….7:00 pm
Mission Art Gallery
33529 First Avenue,Mission, B.C. V2V 1H1
on the corner of Catherwood
Yours in Creativity;

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  1. Hoping to get a group together to come to your show. If not please please please do hook me up with a ride. I just can’t bear to miss your opening!!!!!! We’lll keep in touch. Love, Ann

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