There are some awesome things about living in a tropical place and that is what is right in front of u…ok  in this case the garden here at the casa..its full of goodness.its a small but mighty garden something that I do not tire fact I am sitting on the verandah/porch/patio(it has many names) writing this to u at 8:43pm at night. There is a very slight breeze blowing and the sounds of the neighborhood are all around from music,children playing,adults visiting.


I sit in awe and gratitude cause here I am living large.. alrighty then getting back to the garden,come walk with me and let me point out the obvious beauty ,of course we are going to walk about when there is daylight,sun and heat that way u can really feel the impact. Please watch your step,its two steps down but do be careful..
Its becoming a habit to sit working on my computer looking out over the garden,not only is there plant life but also butterflies,hummingbirds,mucho spiders,insects,misc birds and of course bees. The garden welcomes all living ,growing things. The fun thing about the patio is my hammock is hanging,it was a gift 2 years ago from friends Cindy and Dale from their travels in Mexico.
The abundance of fruit  etc in the garden is amazing…so here is what grows here…limon,papaya,pomegranate,hot chilies,2 different types of oranges, mangos,peaches,tangerines and lots of herbs.
Are u getting the picture that its good to be back in Mexico…Life is good because I have creamo, tea , sweet and salty popcorn..The sweet and salty popcorn was a gift from Tina a local expat, I met her through my roomie and she had a recipe from the Martha Stewart magazine for the popcorn and she would make it for me, well u can imagine I was over the moon. Saturday I sat in delight eating the popcorn that Tina and I made so I decided to try some here at the casa for Jeannie and I….can ya say YUM!!!
Today is massage day here at the casa,Doris our sweet massage therapist comes to the casa once a week and I am on my second about heaven plus very affordable..I pay 250 pesos  for 1 hour massage which is $20 Canadian,So its more than worth it.
Did u check out the 366 Days Postcard Project I am doing it was sent in the newsletter…what’s it about
well basically I create a mixed media postcard once a month from a creative perspective on my life here in Mexico.
you receive one a month for 1 year and a day with a personal handwritten note from yours truly and best thing is its sent to your snail mail address. The cost to u is $25.00 which supports my creative journey as well as its a keepsake which u can frame or??. more questions drop me an email.
The frequent question that I am asked is what’s the temperature…well thus far its been mid to high seventies Fahrenheit ,25.5 Celsius…Gotta love the blue skies and heat well I do..
I am so glad we had this time together for me to write a blog post letting u know that all is well here in my neck of the woods..Everyday is a new day here and I will do my best to keep u all updated.. Take Care

The send off crew at sea tac airport

The Vegetarian Kitchen here at the casa

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One Response to Casa 2…..The Abundance

  1. Kevin & Marion says:

    Hola Rhonda!
    Glad all is going well! Going to check out that popcorn recipe and say hi to Kaspar for us. Next time I see Jaime, I’ll pass on the website address.
    Kev & Marion

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