Hola Readers;

Welcome to Casa Sanctuary,since my last writing a few changes have taken place….I am now living in my new digs here in San Miguel De Allende and Peso the puppy is a new resident here at the casa.

Un Peso


Peso is a male purebred yorkie 11 weeks old and full on energy..he was a house blessing gift from my

un peso chilling

friend Klaudia here…as a live blessing gift I did say yes..Kasper and my life has changed with a puppy in the house..


The new digs and hood are great ,quite enjoyable the apartment is one of 5.Two bedrooms 1 bathroom,patio and loads of light..it came fully furnished right down to the linens very much a change from the Ajijic space. The bonus is it even has a real couch which is a big deal here in Mexico,my pals love hanging on the couch lol lol. A number of things sold me on the space first a friend that came with me,fully furnished,location and the natural light that streams in everywhere.


My home(outside) u can see my Juliet balconies second floor

The hood is considered central meaning its a 10-15 minute walk to the Jardin(center of town) everything that i need is within a short walking distance or a bus ride(haven’t taken any buses yet) Peso is surrounded by dog friends

Entry to parking and apartments

big dogs,the catcus park is where i and others take our dogs to run about.


Believe it or not the apartment is a steal at the price of 6000 pesos(approx 420.00 per month) Fully furnished,cable(came with a tv),internet,gas,electricity,water,storage,parking and maid service 1x per week Hot water and water pressure is another luxury that is a blessing in the apartment…it was something that i couldn’t pass on,Anita who came to see the space with me encouraged me to take it as furnishing a place here in Mexico is not a cheap undertaking which was my experience in Ajijic.


inside the gates….

The household and misc items added to the apartment as well as my dear friend Daniel who i stayed with for the month of June made a decision to move back to the states so he unloaded alot of misc items including art supplies onto me,The walls here are a blaring white but the ideas are flowing to mark the walls with loads of creativity..truly another blank canvas.


Angel Welcome!!

Clara comes in once a week to clean,at first I felt very uncomfortable with this however a little bit of time later its such a treat especially now with two animals in my life…Clara does a wonderful job of bringing all that clean together in Casa Sanctuary…So there u have some insight into my relocation of space to San Miguel De Allende..


Please take a stroll through the casa and welcome…



making our way to the second floor

Bright Blessings;



P:S come on back tomorrow and take a tour through home sweet home!!!!

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2 Responses to Casa Sanctuary Additions Part 1

  1. Donna Allard says:

    Looking great sistaaaa xoxo

  2. Diane says:

    good to catch up with you and your story….hoping we can get together sometime this year.

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