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  1. Katt Pollard says:

    Hi Had fun with you at the dance and would love to have a coffee/tea with you and discuss art, travel etc.

    604 381-3888

    bye for now Katt

  2. mark says:

    You are;
    The Artist

    You are;
    Garry Allen Gardner
    Garry Allen Gardner
    Garry Allen Gardner



  3. Calvin Turner says:

    Hey Sis!

    Just dropping a line to say I love you and although we haven’t talked in a while You are always in my heart. Have a wonderful season of peace and may all the wonder of the universe unfold for you in the coming year.


  4. Leanne says:

    Hi, Rhonda;

    Long time, no talk. I hope all is well in your life.

    I’m in the process of selling all the inventory left over from RubyDog’s and I have this old vending machine. It made me think of you. I always meant to turn it into an art-o-mat. Never got around to it, though.

    I still remember the opening night of your machines. That was a fun evening. Are the OAIAB machines still dispensing art or are they gathering dust somewhere?

    You look great in your photo.

    Take care,

    • rhonda says:

      Hey Leanne….
      good to see u pop up here….Well i hope u will turn that machine into an art vending dispenser..I still have all my machines and will
      be setting them up as a permanent installation when i move end of this month to Vancouver Island( stay tuned) Ruby Dog really is no more (sad) what of your mom?
      In Artistic Solidarity;

  5. Cal Turner says:

    Happy to hear that all is going well for you, Sis. Keep trucking on your journey because all is about enlightenment. I Love you and will stay in touch. We’er doing fine here and i’m busy creating.

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