I don’t know about u all but I am catching a whiff of spring(Happy Dance)…its a season that I welcome with open arms.As I take a break from creating looking about my live/work space which is becoming fuller each week with much of this and that.everything is in progress and very much so am I. The opportunity to showcase my work is a long journey inside and out.

"Bohemian" 2009 (sold) This set resides in Abbotsford,BC

“Bohemian” 2009 (sold)
This set resides in Abbotsford,BC

Its easy to become distracted in the external world with people,places,situations.Distraction seems to be a softer way for me to go instead of the overwhelm of creating.However saying that things are happening slowly but surely as all things transition here.

"Diversity" 2010 (sold) this set resides in Mission BC

“Diversity” 2010 (sold)
this set resides in Mission BC

"Establishing Roots"2014  In Progress

“Establishing Roots”2015
Its a work in Progress

For the past few years I’ve spoken to many of u about establishing roots a home base per say.In response some of u laugh out loud due to the fact that u know my wanderlust gypsy ways.However it becomes tiring of moving me,furs and stuff the lifestyle has become old. Although my head and feet say lets go,my heart and soul say lets have a home base and then wander from there. Presently I am working on my third pair of mannequin legs that are supporting me establishing roots somewhere, this pair will reside in my live/work as a testament of settling down.

Doing art for me is always a confirmation of what’s going on deep in my interior world that insists on being seen.So I am honoring that. This particular piece will also be in the show but not on the sale block.Well its a full on creative day here at the casa…….Chow for now!!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

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