Hi All;
Yesterday was the wind up for carnival here in Ajijic and a hop skip and jump from my home was the parade..it was colorful,fun and upbeat..I tell ya what a way to start the day off….Life is flowing here..The fab weather is back again…For two weeks it was rain,rain cold weather for here..gotta tell ya I was not loving it much….sure am grateful to wake to blue skies and heat.
I haven’t been feeling very creative until a little while ago so things have slipped away from me.. but I am back at the buffet table of creativity!!!
still loving my space and the hood..on the other side of me is a hotel villa at one time in its life,The Villa has been abandoned for many years until recently as the owners are breathing new life into it and most certainly the biggest difference is the vibrant color.The funny thing on my side of the street all the spaces are full of color across the street are larger  conservative Mccasa’s which in the scheme of things looks funny.
Five months of standing still here in Mexico…to me that means not moving about and I still learn many things about being still here from paying bills to purchasing food. There is no shortage of lessons and blessings…Like I’ve shared before the motto here is “Hurry up and Wait” nothing and I mean it  nothing happens here fast….Everything takes time..One’s life speed becomes altered here…If your in a hurry and want instant gratification then I am here to tell u that Mexico is not the place for u.
I’ve learned that the most basic services here is all about it happens when its supposed to. I hired a painter last month to paint my downstairs ,the time agreed upon was 9 am, well at 11:30 am the marathon day of painting began….Its a stellar job!!! Well I was asked by my painter if he could pick up his equipment the next day to which I replied no problem. Three and a half weeks later, my painter shows up at the door early morning to pick up his equipment, the funny thing is that in my sparse space that paint equipment became part of my decor..So that is an example of the way it is here…U can sweat the small stuff or u can get on with it and continue to do life.
Life Flow is a choice cause the reality is that u control nothing but yourself and Mexico makes one aware of that fact very quickly. Am I still adjusting u betcha your boots that I continue to be be in the ongoing adjustment process that in moments is way bigger than me but then again I made a choice.
The carnival yesterday full of joy,vitality and whole lot of laughter reminds me why I am here,As flour and confetti were thrown at people my observation was that the ones that didn’t want to get floured and confetti  pulled back…What came to me is that this carnival is much like how life rolls u either are on the fringe of life or u step up and become life….Yes! I made another choice yesterday as I stepped forward  into the confetti and flour… It Rocked!!!!
Be Well;
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One Response to Fat Tuesday Carnival Mardi Gras

  1. Stephanie Panus says:

    You summed up life in Mexico pretty well . . . wait, wait, and then wait some more, things will happen when they are going to happen. Biggest thing for me to learn moving here was patience!

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