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Hello Readers;
Welcome and thanx for dropping in.Life is a constant ebb and flow here at the Casa. I stepped away from the blog for awhile due to another loss in my life. My brother passed early February(he committed suicide).The past two years have been significant loses in my life and all I can do is humbly and sadly be,losing people that are loved is a whole journey within itself and its very selfish but accomplishing one foot in front of another daily is a major goal.

volunteering at a art fundraiser...theme=steampunk

volunteering at a art fundraiser…theme=steampunk


Travel Altar

There is no mistake that this show is meant to be and truly what timing to be creating ALTARS..I gotta say its slow going as its not just a matter of throwing stuff together..Its all process that begins with the seed of thought and travels from there.What is interesting about these altars is the fact that 90% of the materials are found objects that in another time had a different life and purpose.


When I get stuck in the altar creation I paint…this painting is unnamed

I am finding that I am approaching this show differently that adds other dimensions to each piece.Due to the fact that I am carless and am not in a rent free space(my art residency I had free rent for two years) gathering materials for this show needed to be looked at differently. I mean like we all got stuff…so I wrote a random list of materials that I needed, then photocopied and passed them out and about to friends.


The Lovely Lea comes a calling with cinnamon buns!!!!

So thus far my condo casa live/work space runneth over with an abundance of donated material goods!!! Many of the altars not only have my imprint on them but also the donors that contributed this and that.Using Found objects in my work allows me the pleasure of breathing new life,repurposing,deconstructing,upcycling and unfolding a new outlook for the work that my hands,heart,mind and soul touch.

“Altar Ego” is showing up in big and little ways as the Altars begin to show themselves.Although I am in the drivers seat of this show I could not do it without the full on support of my vast diverse community who believe in what I am doing even in my present moments of deep grief….There u all be!!!!…So here is to the found including me.

Let the process continue…..

The Altar Maker

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  1. Virginia says:

    Rhonda, your show sounds perfect and reminds me of my deconstruction business and finding new homes for everything. Re-purposing and using “found objects” is the way to go. Bless you my dear friend.

    Much love and happiness sent your way.


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