Today I just finished up a few pieces for an upcoming group show in Roberts Creek at the Gum Boot Restaurant..these particular pieces  posted here came to me last night as I was not happy with an initial piece that I was working on.
Home has been an ongoing fascination for me particularly exploring it from a creative perspective.The experience of Living in another country opened up the dialog of what is home to me.I’ve lived in so many spaces,many locations but each one was special as I spun  a homey feeling in every space.
Home for me is my Sanctuary, it provides comfort,safety and warmth that comes from feelings and things, its some part material goods be it a collection in many forms as those things have feelings and stories attached to them.  Home also provides the right natural light or a room layout that flows.DSCF6394
Home is the space that embraces me each time I step over the threshold,it says welcome,it puts me in a place of serenity.it opens the door to those that are dear to me,it asks for color,decoration,spirit,and the hum of living going on.
Home is where art adorns corners,walls,and floors. Home is where art is made from the studio to the kitchen and spills outside.Home is also plants,animals,altars and shrines.Home makes me feel good in its big hug.
Home is a bathtub!!!
Home is changing installations
Home is unconditional
Home is  a nook
Home is a being space
Home is so much and more
Home is…………….
I am grateful for HOME….DSCF6396
Home bug….
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