Well here we are almost mid December….ode to time. The title of this bog post came to me this morning as I was catching up on email and checking in on other art blogs. I have always loved the speech that Martin Luther King made August 28th,1963 called ” I Have A Dream”.011034

Certainly my I have a dream is not as expansive but it still applies. I am a dreamer constantly carrying those dreams within allowing them to spill out and transform into so many things throughout my life. The unconventional life chose me early on steering me away from 9-5 5 days per week commitment and dollar stability. Although I’ve tried so many times to work for others it just was not meant for me.

I Am An Artist with a philosophy of make it,bake it ,grow it,this is how I grew up long before it became trendy and fashionable. The impact and examples of those early years left a deep definition of my steps through life. Its taken many years to come to an internal understanding and acceptance of my artists life. In July 2015 I had a solo show called “Altar Ego” it was all about Altars..Its now many months later and I am closing the door on future gallery shows/craft fairs as its not a fit for me anymore. There is a constant ongoing evaluation of what’s working to put one’s work out there. flexibility,open mind, ongoing learning,experimenting is some of the parts of this artists life.

“I Have A Dream”(s)

I dream of finally settling down into a homebase live work space
I dream of continued travel(up to 6 months per year),but coming home to my homebase
I dream of having my own homebase gallery/studio space
I dream of creating and facilitating 1-3 workshops per year
I dream of having all my artwork etc under one roof( some stuff has been in storage in a few places for several years)
I dream of living near water
I dream of living in a walkable community
I dream of growing alot of my own food
I dream of creating a memory garden for those that I have loved filling it flowers and art
I dream of sustainability through my art,candle making,facilitating etc and so on
I dream of creating art events
I dream of supporting others that have dreams

I Have A Dream…….so many dreams

To Be Continued………….

Dream On


Today is the Day of Guadalupe…..She is a cultural icon throughout Mexico..The above are two pieces that i have created

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  1. Virginia says:


    Thank you for sharing your dreams and wisdom. So many people live their entire lives without dreams, goals or desires. Being it is your dreams and knowing your determination, your dreams will become reality and I look forward to hearing all about them.

    Love and Hugs,

    Virginia XXXX

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