Well Hello There;
 Its been awhile since i have laid any words down in this space but I am here and now. Victoria ended up being a  longer base than anticipated, however the coursework for my Expressive Art Facilitator Diploma was happily completed the end of February 2017

Fired Up Studio in Victoria.it was a great fun creative experience

one of the many beautiful beaches i saw while living in Victoria BC

I had a plan lol lol lol that I would find my own space  when I left the mainland a year ago  and continue studying as the coursework was all online…The reality of the rental market is ugly not to mention the prices, and so my plan of a few months being in Victoria quickly turned into nine months. It was a wake up time of becoming very clear as to what,who,how,why,where the next steps led me.Well so much for the plan,it was time to wing it.

I became a member of the seed library in Victoria BC

It can be the little things in life that show up to shake up…The pool,hot tub,sauna and gym in the building i was resding in became a very important start to my daily routine and became my shake up…One does find support in the  most obscure ways…Most times I had the spa space all to myself surprisingly in such a  large rental apartment building there were so few residents that did not partake.

Wild daisys are everywhere here on the island..its my fave flower……

my tiny house@360 sq feet on Gabriola for summer months

However over time things began to unfold..for the most part in Victoria i kept to myself and began the story of how i did not have community etc…Well two months ago I was more awake and took a look at that tired old story i was telling myself and others….Interestingly enough my community were walking through that spa door…There was laughter,teasing,support,global dicussions it was all there right in front of my face…As i would sit in the hot tub,paddling in the pool,baking in the sauna or riding the bike.They came and i greeted each and every one of them by name. Have to laugh though that i did not recognize many of the spa peeps in their street clothes.

my island peeps…..welcomed me back with a bbq

Life has a way of showing you what you need to know at any given time even in my case when i was in total resistance and unhappiness over not having space of my own…I got the Blessings and Lessons. I am writing this to you from Gabriola Island……I have found my own space in a tiny home @ 360 square feet for the next four months

A birthday gift..carved feather

while i continue the search for a permanent homebase.

the beginning of my garden….it all starts with a seed

Birthday celebration on the island…..

It is a surprise being back on the island as this is where i began after leaving Mission BC .However i have everything i asked for. A yard for peso, natureon my doorstep,a garden for me,living across the road from my friend, being closer to amenties and best of all its personal space for me.  Yahoo.

The Furs are happy and well

So as I write a new story..Let me welcome you back as I am happy to be back This is where you can find me writing the continued journey.
 Stay Tuned and pop in to see whats new…
In Nomadic and Artistic Solidarity;
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3 Responses to I’M BACK………………..

  1. AJ Arriola says:

    Wonderful to hear from you, Rhonda! Sounds like you are doing exactly where you should be and doing what you should be doing at this time. So happy for you, and I terestedto hear more about your coursework.
    I miss you. When can we visit Curly & Ajijic?

  2. Cindy says:

    Wonderful blog Rhonda, and inspiring words on being present in the moment and embracing what life gifts us; often nudging us to look at things in a different light.

  3. Cindy says:

    OMG! That house is so cute! I want one!!! Still looking for a new place over here.

    Kasper looks exactly like Buster from behind! So handsome!

    I hope your next place is as idyllic!

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