How Do Readers?

Well hard to believe that we are rolling into fall already,for me its been an awesome summer

although for many of my peeps fall will be more than embraced with cooler temperatures.

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I wanted to write today about an interactive project that took place before,during and after my 50th birthday this year. Reading is a big part of my life and I came across a book on celebrations which led me to think of my sister in her life and death.Celebrations of Life are essentially celebrated after the persons passing…My thought was that i wanted a Celebration of Life when i am alive and kicking, so i could read and hear up close and personal others thoughts of our relationship. There was no time like a major milestone. My 50th Birthday to implement a Celebration Of Life. My circles of family, friends is extensive and global which i know that we all will not be in the same space at one time.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

One month before my birthday I sent out to family and friends some questions:


1.What word(s) would u use to describe Rhonda


2. How do u know Rhonda? (family or friend) How Long have u known Rhonda?


3. Share a story (example: How did u meet Rhonda?) or whatever memory comes up


Do U have pictures of Rhonda with u or Rhonda pics on her own?


5.Please share a favorite quote….


I asked for it to be sent by snail mail although email was more than acceptable.Well the response was overwhelming and its amazing how u forget many details especially when the herstory of many of my friendships is abundantly rich in time and interaction.


Dealing with aging and particularly my shock of turning 50 was a process that became compounded with grieving the death of my sister.It felt scary. When the first written arrivals for my Celebration of Life arrived I was stunned at the outpouring of love,respect and honour that was given to me in the words and pictures. The creativity was astounding! This was also in a quiet way a celebration for my sister and her positive impact on my life unknown to me until after her passing.


There is a pay it forward of this 50th birthday project/Celebration Of Living . All the words sent through email and snail mail will be bound in a book and passed onto my daughter and granddaughter at a later date.


There is always opportunity to learn about self and others and that i did. Thank You so much to everyone who took part in my living celebration of life.What differences each and everyone of u make in my life. Thank U,Thank U ,Thank U





*Please note that i still have a number of birthday emails to be printed out(u haven’t been forgotten)




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  1. Rog says:

    Thanks for posting all the fun congrats messages you received. I can picture them in a beautiful Mixed Media piece someday. There’s always a cold beer in the fridge for you and Peso so just stop by- We’ll leave the light on. Hugs,


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