its another day here on Gabriola,I just got in from replanting some lettuce and doing a quick watering..The peace and quiet prevail with the buzzing of the bees and humming of the birds. Earlier in the day peso and I stepped out the back door to encounter a fawn staring at us,I smiled as we all carried on. Its become easy to fall into nature focusing more on the going ons  and want to outside and be less connected to technology although it does have a place in my life its not a starring role.

Lots of ocean gazing in my life these days

Lots of ocean gazing in my life these days

arriving in Drumbeg Park and time to hit the paths

arriving in Drumbeg Park and time to hit the paths

Coming up on five weeks here there is much for me to attach to..My circle is complete with the homecoming of kasper the cat.Its been a long time since I’ve felt grounded and so it is..The speed for me is slow honoring my natural rhythms which newly are emerging as each day passes.005
Last week I was challenged with a change up in perspective and clarity…..My only pair of glasses broke in half the evening before my birthday. 036
What to do? Well when living in an urban area I had many choices and could rectify the situation pdq(pretty damn quick) Living on an Island one needs to figure out what services are available or look at the alternative of leaving the island for a 20 minute ferry ride to Nanaimo that has diverse choices to address the present problem at hand. I chose not to leave the island as have done that once already for a grocery shopping trip and it took me two days to recover from all the noise and rushing around.

some kewl studios...oh i dream

some kewl studios…oh i dream

So i am choosing the services here which is a bit more time consuming but in the end in another week or so  will have new glasses,my look right now is glasses taped in the middle which I could not deal with at first and then like whatever this won’t be forever.Once I stopped fighting to clearly look at the picture there is so much else to be grateful for and ya know what shit happens!!
The day of my birthday with taped glasses had  me going forth into the village to run errands and help a friend out planting a fruit tree in her yard.Entering the village I saw ahead something moving as I got closer there he was a very large turkey who stopped right in front of the car bringing me to a halt,I stuck my head out the window telling him to move his ass which he promptly did with a whole lot of gobble gobble and strutting his stuff.025Again I poked my head out the window and said “Do not make me get out of this car” Meanwhile I was laughing so hard the car had to be pulled to the side of the road until I could get a grip.So really a turkey crossed my path,that sure does not happen often..The island has wild turkeys and  peacocks which I also saw that birth day.
Although broken taped glasses I saw a whole lot on that day giving me  much to smile about.
Grounded On An Island
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  1. Virginia says:

    Rhonda, it definitely looks (and sounds) like Gabriola Island is perfect for you, Peso and Kasper!!!

    I always look forward to your updates here at the Casa.

    Love, XXXX Virginia

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