How Do Readers;
 Blessed Autumn Days that are upon us….as the wheel turns into another season,changes come with. I am all in being challenged and delighted with the collaboration of the knowing and learning

What I am loving about my course work is that many assignments are of a creative nature which is my happy place. The past couple of weeks I have been working on a very interesting assignment. It was create your own super hero,it was to be a download of a template. Well there is not a printer in the apartment to print anything out let alone a super hero template. So I thought why not create a 3d version of the to the thrift store I went looking for the perfect doll that I could deconstruct and reconstruct.

found in a thrift store..this is before

found in a thrift store..this is before

I am without my usual diverse abundance of materials,supplies and tools as they are in storage. Making do with was the name of the game in this creative conquest.
I’ve always been a big super hero fan,making this particular assignment a true love learning curve. So without further ado allow me to introduce u to my Super S-hero.
My Super S-hero is femail so its only fitting that she is a Shero!!!
Name: Ligero ( Spanish meaning Light)
S-hero Powers:
super enhanced insight(third eye),
any negative thoughts,actions,feelings that hit any part of her transform into positive.
healing touch,
super hearing,
can fly and jump high
this is my super s-hero all done!!!

this is my super s-hero all done!!!

soul connected to the moon and stars
Ligero is by day an expressive artist facilitator working in globally marginalized communities using art as a voice and vehicle for others to  creatively express what is going on in their personal,work and community lives.
Ligero clothes were repurposed
Hair made out of pine cones
acrylic paint
goddess pendant(gifted to me)
painted glasses
I decided that Ligero was not in need of a cape as ya know those things can just get in the way,instead her goddess pendant carries much magic.
So there we be for me a special assignment that touched me in many me pause to think about what skills and gifts that I bring to the table…This super shero made me think deeply and pushed me outside the box.
So I ask if u were a Super S-hero or Super Hero…what would u look like and what would your powers be???
Super S-Hero Ligero
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8 Responses to Life as a Super S-Hero……..

  1. Kathy says:

    She is amazing!!!!

  2. Robyn Stoy says:

    I love her! Great work Rhonda ??????

  3. Nancy Arcand says:

    FRICKIN SO YOU!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Libby Seery says:

    Dear Rhonda – I am so proud and so encouraged by your passion for this assignment. I wrote the course for this exact purpose and I am thrilled beyond measure that my students (like your good self), are able to transform their creative talents, bringing them to life. S-Hero rocks…..

  5. Irene Eaves says:

    I love love love her and you too…..thanks for sharing..hugs

  6. nathalie says:

    Aloha, my s-hero would be very humble, compassionate, caring and loving. My super power would be to know when or when not to speak and to always have people who cross my path to feel better after our encounter. Her name would be hmmmm I have to think about that.
    I’m so happy to hear from you. Best of luck

  7. Virginia says:

    Rhonda, your super S-Hero Ligero is amazing both in the way she looks and her multitude of talents! The world certainly needs a hero like Ligero but just having you and your positive thinking and awareness is a start. I feel blessed to be a part of your circle of friends.

  8. Cindy eeeeeeee says:

    Wow!!! What an creatively amazing Super Shero Ligero is!!

    Great project to push on your creative abilities and you certainly did rise to the challenge!!!

    You are right that she didn’t need a cape, as what could be better than her blinding colors of light flowing around her!!!!

    AWESOME Rhonda!!!!

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