Dearest Family,Friends and of course u dear Readers:
I lost my way here writing on my blog as life overtook me. But I am here and now writing on a fave time of the year for me, Winter Solstice the shortest day and longest night of the year being officially the start of winter.

Yes life was on top of me mostly experiencing alot of people loss…they say that the mid ages is the time of our lives when people loss happens which I have heard at nauseam from so many and I gotta tell ya those are not words of comfort for this writer. On Friday I lost a very dear friend whom I have known for 31 years he meant the world to me . Being part of his reality as he slipped away from me day by day paralyzed me beyond belief.I had just come out from the grief of losing my sister and now my Garry(sigh).

So writing,keeping in contact has suffered greatly my readers as I had put all that aside to be there for my Garry..I have had the pleasure of learning and still am from these and other loses these past two years since my return from living in Mexico.There are many lessons and blessings. Garry met me when I was 19 years young and has been intertwined throughout my life. he was a true example of unconditional love for me which so often we hear about but rarely are part of it.

However its been a beautiful life experience for me. Several days before Garry passed,from his bed in hospice we had such a soulful talk while talking like two veterans. I was working on an intuitive painting and telling him about it. Garry an artist himself has also been my art mentor for all those years greatly influencing,supporting my creative unfolding. There he was in the last days ever encouraging me, as of July 2015 I will be having a solo show this show is all about Altars which is very much about my travel and life in Mexico.007

The Show “Altar Ego” will be dedicated to my Garry.This is my first step back to writing and I look forward to writing many more blog posts.I thank each and every one of u for your family/friend ship,your love,support,encouragement,understanding and so much more. Y’all make me a better person.

I wish u a Blessed Winter Solstice and Blessed New Year!!!


The pictures are:

My Beloved Garry and I when he came to visit me in Harrison Hot Springs in year one of my Art Residency

This is a painting that Garry did of me over 10 years ago when I visited him at his home cottage in Alberta

This is my intuitive painting that will be part of my solo art show July 2015

In Soul-Full Solidarity;

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4 Responses to Life Celebration……

  1. Gwynne says:

    Nice to hear from you again-I think of you often.

  2. Tina says:

    Great blog, I love your piece, it’s bright and wise… Just like you. Happy solstice and happy new year! May this year be all that you joyfully create! Xox Tina

  3. Virginia says:

    I agree with Tina! Perfect blog, your readers learn about Garry and the place he had and will always have in your heart. Such a lovely photo of both of you, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it, kept being drawn back. Your intuitive painting is wonderful too. All the very best to you and those you love for 2015 and forever more. XXXX

  4. Robyn Stoy says:

    Hey sweet Goddess Gemini, deer woman. Writing is so entrenched in you, I loved your words. I am so sorry to hear about your friend Garry and what a loss this is for you! I am sorry for your loss my friend. I actually have the pic of you laying on the couch with the rainbow umbrella, it in my wash-room. It reminds me of you! My heart is sending you lots of lovin.

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