There is something so beautiful about the back and forth sway of a hammock. After two years my hammock is hung and in Mexico no less.Gotta Love It.
They say patience is a virtue which is something in my case that is learned in an ongoing sense..The hammock being one of those lessons of patience. The story begins with a heartfelt gift  of a hammock from Cindy and Dale and their travels about Mexico several years back before i had even stepped upon the travel path.The hammock was embraced by me with enthusiasm when residing in Vancouver, time passed and Mexico travel had become a reality for this writer.
 The hammock moved with me along with deep seated memories of Mexico as i relocated to Harrison Hot Springs to live and work as Artist in Residence.The intention was to hang that hammock in the studio like all good intentions that’s all is was mere thought however not put into action.
 Time passed actually two years and then through a process of the residency coming to an end what to do. Many of you are aware that i worked with a life coach for eight months to figure what  and where my next life move was.After much soul searching Mexico was the where,the commitment was made.To support that i dug out the hammock as it was such a part of Mexico for me. That hammock and I shared my sleeping space in Harrison for many months before the move,in fact it was one of the first items to hit the suitcase because it and i were going home.
There was a conversation with my to be roommate about that hammock and i knew we were going to be one that hammock and I. The arrival in Mexico went without a hitch customs had no interest in poking about in my belongings or wonder what this gringa was doing bringing a hammock into Mexico. Unpacking was smooth,we embraced and i carried my hammock with trepidation to its new place of honour to be hung. It was a painless hang and me the proud parent  with my heart swelling with pride.
Slowly i approached the hammock and got in somewhat fearful if my weight would be held and that hammock gave me a big hug and welcomed me home..Everyday since the hanging of the hammock ,I and the hammock sway gently back and forth enjoying our quality time together. 
The hammock also shares itself with others here. Thanx so much for stopping in,its time for me to go and contemplate life from a hammock.
When it is time for u to come and visit I will be happy to introduce u to my Hammock…
(The picture that i post  is of Jeannie enjoying the hammock  and computer time. hammock has been put up higher)
Update On Kasper: Kasper after a month is finally connecting to his space although there are still some struggles with his housemate Izzy the cat..we are hoping they find some common ground soon..Kasper loves the garden especially the back of the house...
In Artistic Solidarity;
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