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 Its another blue sky day with winds blowing hither and thither…but its all good. I am entering my second week on Gabriola Island. Getting out and about seeing more of this small mighty island.

lunch with ocean view

lunch with ocean view

Silva Bay

Silva Bay

I see myself as road construction these past many years due to the fact that there is always work to be done,whether it be demolition, repairing,rebuilding or building and forging new roads. Detours often happen to me and as detours go they are often unexpected taking one in a different direction to an eventual destination.
ya never what u will stumble upon on an ocean walk

ya never know what u will stumble upon on an ocean walk

So here I be in the most unlikely place and certainly not what I had in mind when I began this moving journey in theory and thought.Although Gabriola did keep popping up early on as I knew I wanted to leave the mainland and my two things that I needed were ocean and nature. Eventually I got into the flow opening and seeing what was there leaving the driving to others taking my hands and mind off the steering wheel.(plus not having my own car)
kewl wall in ocean front restaurant

kewl wall in ocean front restaurant

It is still a short time that I’ve been here,but I am enjoying many aspects that presented themselves to me here in the form of nature and the almighty ocean.Quickly I fell into island rhythms one step at a time embracing the diverse beats.The island population is approx 5500 full time residents doubling in the summer months.Many artists call the island home as I am observing studio signs along the roadways. Believe it or not pick your passion art,outdoor sports,hiking,environment,politics its here and yes there is more than adequate shopping and services available on this island…
The prices are definitely higher here for food but as many do they grow many of their groceries and head to Nanaimo on a 20 minute ferry 1-2 times per month  for better prices and different options. Presently I am residing on the South end of the island which can take  by car up to 15-20  minutes to get to the North end of the island where most of shopping is located. There is a community bus which I have not taken yet(soon) that toodles around the island costing $2.50 and I can take peso with me on the bus.
If anything u know of me I ask questions usually many as I want to know and there certainly is no shortage of the questions that I am asking here and now.The question I am sure some of u have for me is will u stay on Gabriola?
and my answer is who knows I am just going with the flow being very grateful for my now..
Puttering from the garden,to doing a collage,to reading a good book,listening to music, journaling,walking to the beach,heading into the village with my neighbor for shopping,visiting an acquaintance,to just being
                                                                 TIME PASSES……
Island Gal
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  1. Virginia says:

    Rhonda, whew!! I finally found you! So happy to see your post here and find out you, Peso and Kasper have found a place to live so close to the ocean! Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to hearing more!

    Sending loads of love and hugs


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