Good Morrow Readers;
Blessed Summer Days to U!!! The days of summer are slowly counting down to fall.its been a good summer in many ways .Such is life as it unfolds.On the other hand there have been many blessings and new skills being deposited to my skill bank.


I grew up in the country on property,hailing from a large family gardening was a given. My dad had a green thumb growing food that carried us through the winter months.My siblings and I were the weed wackers throughout the growing season.Our feasts were all about the garden bounty.Gardening has always held my interest but I have been on the move most of my life that any kinda of garden didn’t seem possible until Mexico,then Roberts Creek and now Mission.Balcony living

The container garden is my preference using all different size containers challenging myself as to what can be grown. I was very influenced by the many rooftops and courtyards of Mexico and the growing practices in containers and small spaces.

I would like to be able to grow all year round regardless of the West Coast wet winter weather.The whole growing process is ongoing learning for me.


I have volunteered for 30 plus years,also enjoying giving back and getting to know where ever I have lived.Here in Mission which I am calling my home base.Stepping into my community becoming acquainted with Mission after not living here for many years.The winter months found me volunteering with the BC Winter Olympics and then recently the Mission Folk Festival,very grateful for both experiences.Mission Folk Fest 2014

Micro Entrepreneurism:

As an Artist its all about creating in diverse ways.So an income stream that I have embraced and taken on is candle making/upcycled lightening.I have chosen to use Soy Wax and the candles being unscented..My upcycled lightening is building lightening and repurposing old lights.There are still details to work on but the name of my lightening biz is”Lighten Up” stay tuned when I turn the lights on late September.Lighten Up Soy Candle Biz


I am waiting on a confirmation for a solo show in 2015,so presently the creative lab here runneth over with supplies and ideas.

My bookmarks are full on with recipes galore…the recipe diversity makes me giddy…I finally got my food processor,Mixmaster,cast iron pans out of storage.So the kitchen lab hums with small batches of baking and cooking.for those that don’t know I enjoy cooking from scratch and very interested in expanding into cheese and beer making this year.

I would love to meet others that walk the path of make,bake,grow embracing it into their lives without the zealot attitude…

Well dear readers its time for me to saunter on into my day here at the casa…..Have a great weekend..

In Artistic Solidarity;



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