Greetings My People;
How goes the winter journey….It is said that winter is an internal time to rest,reflect and just be. for many of us we live in climates that the external climate is not what one would call warm and embracing.There are many hours spent in than out unless your a winter sport outdoor lover(good luck with that). The death of my beloved Garry has impacted and shifted me in its very beginnings of subtle ways as I walk into my creativity. So let the story be told.

a fave shadowbox of mine i did about 8 years ago..

a fave shadowbox of mine i did about 8 years ago..

This blog entry is the ongoing writings,thoughts and many musings of the creation of my show “Altar Ego”

This is a good time of the year for me to be creating although I yearn for daily blue skies and hot temperatures. unfortunately at this time its not my reality,so me and my fireplace have bonded with the heat turned way up.As creative time progresses here at the casa with many pieces being born I am often asked what my solo show is…well my consistent reply is Altars…usually the response is silence or oh, however I do expand on why and where it comes from which has become so rehearsed on my part.

A recent abstract painting         (pastels,charcoal)

A recent abstract painting

I think that this is where the viewer and artist sometimes get lost in the definition/meaning of creative works and my approach is to stand aside to let u be with,within,outside of the art…its so easy to over talk to explain what it is and will be to each and every viewer that has an opportunity to see the work in a completed state. My head is down listening,observing,touching ,feeling the many objects I come in contact with in my live/work space.The objects are my roommates that take up space not only physically but also mentally,emotionally,spiritually, Life in these moments of creativity call to me to dive into the depths of the unknown while remaining open to the process,lessons and blessings .That my dear readers is a hell of alot of energy.

My working style is 3-5 pieces in some state of transition,constantly being challenged by materials,using what I have, shit lighting,time constraints,limited work space are only some of the behind creative scenes here at the casa

my work desk....

my work desk….

What I do know is that the content of this solo show upcoming in July 2015 has importance within me and it feels time to let it all out.The thing is that my art is about me on many levels and so I create . it does not matter if u like it or not its just something that has to be done.When u the viewer witness the completed work it becomes your action,reaction,perspective and my work is done!. Which leaves me space to move on…..and.. so the creativity continues…

And I say Loud AND Proud…..LET THERE BE ALTARS!!!!

Rock On In The Creative World;

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