how goes it? I am taking a few minutes to write a quick update at the happenings here at the casa..I am down to four weeks to finish up my pieces in order to move on to other show details that need attention.So folks I am all in here in deep creation.Taking a wee bit of time out to celebrate my birthday on June 3rd,it sure seems that I was in celebration of just turning fifty (and now two years later)..hmmm time does fly.

laying out the altar..

laying out the altar..

As I have more than likely written before this show has taken on a full on life of its own.Always good to have a vision but not get too attached to the outcomes. I feel that I am getting the lessons from this particular body of work.

the altars are made of layers and details...

the altars are made of layers and details…

The hardest thing is letting go to see what happens…The Altars are leading me so gotta follow by listening to what is needed and its been quite surprising as each new one unfolds. So much for the plan ,hmmm I believe that went in the trash awhile ago and I am now winging it.One of my favorite deities is Ganesha who is all about abundance and moving obstacles.My casa has Ganesha here and there throughout.As a deep lover of Elephants,Ganesha/Ganeshi gains a whole lot of my attention often.

Ganesha altar is coming together...In process

Ganesha altar is coming together…In process

The walls are closing in as I am surrounded by diverse altars and loads of creative materials.As an assemblage artist many many different things are used.So please stay with me as I finish up here. which means no time for chit chat or hanging out..we’ll do it around show time and I look forward to seeing your smiling faces!!! See ya sooner rather than later.Here’s to Ganesha facilitating my way by moving the creative obstacles from my path.

Almost at the finish line

In Artistic Solidarity;

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