I am back with more pics of my space and hood..please enjoy and i will return..

.Life in Ajijic

Please click on above Life in Ajijic…its my first video so bear with me..

The pics in Video are:

1.The patio ledge is where i sit every morning to journal while listening and observing as street life unfolds

2.This is my punch of color downstairs with my shelf of special things..

3.cool ceilings!!

4.This is the tapas and wine bar on the corner, massage therapist is above

5.My neighbor Number 4 Restaurant

6.this will be the place i suggest when u come to visit

7.From my patio i can see this little church in the mountains which u can hike to

8.Sir Kasper

9.Eastside Gal Tina

10.Eastside Peeps Cathy and Sergio

11.Eastside Gal Curly

12. Eastside gals and sweetie dog hanging on my rooftop i am down on street taking the pic

13.My street

14.My 2012 Words

In Artistic Solidarity;


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One Response to My Mexican Digs 2

  1. mary says:

    WOW Bestest! Funk-in amazing place!

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