Well here I am a month has passed  that I have been living on my own in my apartmento and I LOVE IT!!
  My casa and I met through  Jose an artist friend as the word on the street  was I looking for my own space.
The casa is located on the eastside/central part of the village approx 20 minute walk from  the  Westside where I was living.
 Mi Apartmento:                                                          

Street number 6 painted by "Moi"

2 levels

1 bdrm

high ceilings 

1.5 bathrooms
2 rooftop patios
1 corner fireplace in bedroom
= three hundred and change Canadian per month but i pay in pesos I just did a quick conversion for u.

Street Name

When looking for apartmentos here most of them are furnished which is a loose term here in Mexico,as a furnished space can come with a number of things or without alot of basics which is my case. However I do have fridge,stove,bed,table/chairs many places don’t even come with appliances. After looking at a few places this space presented itself and so after a quick tour , the space firmly planted itself in my heart…The interesting thing about my space and the one next door is that artists have always lived here isn’t that cool!!! well

my building my door is the right one

u can only imagine that bought me closer to love the space at first sight.

There was still much to learn     

Rooftop Patio

about renting in Mexico but my mind was made up this was going to be my home.In Mexico when renting first,last and security deposit along with the signing of a  year lease marks it as yours. The owner and landlady of my space is Mexican and she is a very elegant,classy,warm hearted person.

Moving day was a breeze thanx to my gal pal Tina….one load yep that’s it folks believe it or not at this point I could call myself a minimalist lol lol lol. As I write this my walls downstairs are now painted which show the height of the ceilings and just how bare the walls are. My experience has been to move into a place with all my stuff and then set it up here its not so easy as thrift stores are not the norm Bazaars are. Bazaars are consignment stores and the prices truly are outrageous so setting up my sparse space is going to take some time. One sure learns quickly what u can do without.. So u say Garage Sales….well that’s another  overpriced outing. Hmmm I say to myself there  are many things I have taken for granted all my life.

view from my patio

So its another thing that I put out on the  people network my material needs for my casa sanctuary. Mexico is all about    patience and waiting  one is pushed to accept as the big       

My boudoir...(my fave space to hang) i have two roof top patios off my bedroom

picture here….There are             

sunning kasper

moments when u shake your head and say are u kidding?!….Mexican lifestyle was long established before I got here lol lol.

The Hood:
Walking out my door right or left brings me to some interesting places….definitely more central than my last space.
ok come walk with me…..so hmmm lets go straight on the corner is a Wine and Tapas bar,plus Yvonne a massage therapist lives upstairs(haven’t booked a massage but soon). A block from my place is the lake.. my east side gal pals are a block around corner from me..going right out my door is my neighbor the #4 restaurant a very popular place for the gringo community and the Guadalajara weekend crowd.Its pretty upscale open Thursday-Sunday I hear the sweet sounds of Jazz on these evenings. A tad further is my fave tienda(corner store) this little gem carries many items much like a mini grocery store with more affordable prices and the bonus is I have a mini Spanish lesson…The owners are always happy to see “The Senora”.

downstairs space before paint

Heading a bit more up at an incline I am surrounded by many kewl places such as seamstress,my laundry drop off,a fresh chicken store,bazaar,pharmacy,juice place,my doctor Carlos,people selling various foods from their homes,and on it goes there are constant gems on each street.Around the corner is the Adobe Walls Inn that I will recommend for visitors to stay while visiting the area.
There continues to be big differences between traveling about and staying still,its an ongoing learning process.
 Thanx to everyone who suggested sending care packages to me…Its very thoughtful but here is the the thing sending pkgs here is a hit and miss as to whether I will receive it through standard post..so thanx but no thanx.
I will be making a trip back soon to bring some much needed stuff down..Ok folks its taken me a week to get this written and posted.To all who have inquired as to my safety based on the news coming out of Mexico….I am alive and kicking and feeling safe.
In Artistic Solidarity;
Ok here is a look into my Casa Sanctuary here in Ajijic…..Please stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow

The after painted space...colors red,earth tone beige and green

Earth tone beige great for hanging artwork...ceilings are pretty high A hit of vibrant green concludes my painted space downstairs

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