Time is moving along as I continue to connect to my hood and home here in Ajijic… finally finding my life rhythms,days begin anywhere form 8-10 am with a daily stroll with Henry the wonder dog along the malecon,enjoying the blue skies and the heat of the sun on my skin…alll the while enjoying the lake..
There are other daily strollers on the malecon walking dogs,or  a group of talking friends strolling taking in all the beauty.I’m getting to the point of recognizing faces and which dog belongs to who however names elude me although they remember mine.Mornings have always been a favorite part of a day for me and especially now that I am blessed with such awesome weather. Last week though I did question the whole weather factor as our area was feeling the impact of a hurricane,rain,rain…wet,dampness and very cool.Thankfully  bought a few warm clothes with me that served the purpose. Jeannie built a couple of great fires and me who hates to be cold loved the warmth of the flames and the smell of wood, but do have to say that  the return of tropical sunshine and heat after three days of blah weather was a blessing.
The area I live in can be described as VIBRANT…now this may not be everyone’s liking . Fireworks are a given throughout Mexico usually they occur in the early hours of the morning which is a heads up that something is being celebrated…this could a festival,celebration or a national holiday at this point I am aware of some of celebrations in fact Day of The Dead is upcoming in a few weeks!!!
The past couple of days randomly u witness or hear a marching band going down the street,this can occur anytime throughout the day. The ringing of the church bells is common thus far I’ve heard these in the morning..If u are someone that requires absolute quiet then where I live is not the place to be..I almost forgot about general music that is about everywhere played very loudly daytime right up into the wee hours of the am. At this point I am not aware of a noise bylaw lol lol lol lol One must not forget the roosters adding to all the other sounds..In all of this vibrancy and chaos I love it and accept it as is…..
For those wanting a quiet Mexican vacation…good luck with that..cause living in the village noise is part of the ambience . The attraction of being in the village is that its walkable..yep I pretty well spend a good  part of the day walking here and there plus hopping the local buses to take me further afield.Having short legs  is a constant test in reaching the first step onto the bus with a sense of dignity and not pitching forward into the driver,but for a 60 cent bus ride u soon suck it up and enjoy the ride.
I can’t tell u where the days go but they do and  another week has flown by…somedays I explore,run errands,visit new friends or just hang about the casa  hours tick by and then its another new day.
There is alot of happiness here which is evident whenever I am out and about…daily I am greeted with Buenos Dias, Buenos Tardes..Its a beautiful thing when strangers truly care about ones’s well being with a smile on their face and  warmth in their heart.
The creative juices are beginning to churn inside me..this week the first postcard for the 366 Days postcard project will be sent out to subscribers..its not too late to sign up…Saturday Jeannie and I attended two art openings the first one was the local arts society comprised of expats..hmm that was interesting..the second one was more in alignment of people and art that I could connect to certainly more grounded and embracing.I felt welcomed at the second art opening whereas the first one appeared pretty clicky.Creatively though things are in that bubbling stage and that’s a good feeling place to begin to art my life here.
Life unfolds daily by learning to go with the flow..loving the spontaneous way that people,places and situations just show up…Well my dear readers I shall return with more of life from Ajijic…Thanx for following along I appreciate it…Have a great Day!!!
P:S…still learning the whole self hosted wordpress blog…Thanx to my webmistress Petra for her help and support.
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  1. Kev & Marion says:

    Wow Rhonda, what a beautiful place to live! Glad to hear you and Kaspar are doing well and I love the photos! – Kev & Marion

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