I made these planters from pop bottles


Its that time of the year where new seeds are being planted veggies,flowers and seeds of intention…..I am partaking of all three. Growing up in Fredericton,New Brunswick my humble beginnings began in the country,room to roam,exploration and freedom. My dad was a plumber by trade and a master Gardner

The Polka Dot Wall.....

compost buckets


flower ledgelettuce and hmmmmmm

his off time,so then his skills and knowledge weren’t so appreciated however I believe we cycle back to those roots in many ways. Gardening has always fascinated me from afar with loads of admiration of others. Well coming to Mexico and where I live there is opportunity to get my hands dirty and so it has begun….

There is creativity woven throughout my rooftop patio…from the bright green polka doted walls to my created handmade planters made from pop bottles and Mexico has plenty of those that are everywhere. I remember whining to a fellow artist about getting art supplies and he said “u gotta open up your eyes and look around to see what there is plenty of” Today I can say my eyes are opening up a little more,the eyes are not yet completely wide open like everything its a work in progress…
The growing season here is year around,so no excuse that I have to wait…its no time like the present..Some of those garden memories that I actually gleaned from my childhood experiences are beginning to introduce themselves to me,otherwise the world wide web,experimenting and other dirt friends are great supports…Plants,pots etc are making their way to me and finding a place under the sun and blue skies.
My patio is multifaceted as its an outdoor studio,container garden,outdoor gallery and finally an awesome space to just hang out. The bulk of my time is spent outside on that patio so the vision is that is can be a quite Zen space offering eatables,beautiful flower smells and kewl things to gaze at.. My hopes is to be able to stay more in touch here on the blog but gotta tell ya,the

outdoor patio studio with work in progress behind shelf.

weather is beautifully consistent here that I am constantly pulled to the outdoors. Take some time and visit my garden..Its time to say so long for now as I am dog sitting and its walking time…

I shall return….     

Come and Sit on my rooftop patio
The Patio Gardner
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2 Responses to Planting The Seeds……………

  1. Stephanie Panus says:

    Love the planters you made, I gotta get over and see that rooftop patio!

  2. mary says:

    All great, Bestest! good to hear about u, it’s been awhile..missing u..ur space rocks!

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