Well Hello There;
 Its been awhile since I’ve been about….hard to believe that September and fallish temperatures are upon us.I give u all a shout out from Victoria BC ( actually Esquimalt).
sporting new glasses

sporting new glasses

I spent a wonderful 4 months on Gabriola recharging my personal batteries although I did not know that at the time as I was wanting to find a space and settle in,however the universe had way different plans for me. As many of u know the condo that I was in (Mission BC) sold  February 2016 and I had made the decision to once again move on from the Fraser Valley.Its been quite the journey of blessings and lessons. .
beautiful drumbeg park,gabriola

beautiful Drumbeg park,Gabriola

Vancouver Island is an interesting place especially with all the seaside communities and I am grateful that the many opportunities presented itself for me to explore and become acquainted when off Gabriola.There was much to love and enjoy about Gabriola. As many of u know I have been wanting to take my certificate course as  expressive arts /facilitator therapist which will allow me more expansion in my creative facilitation in service with community as well as my own private practice.


I was gifted the course and I begin on September 6th,it all happened quite fast..so hence here I be in Victoria so I can do that coursework and take advantage of the creative resources that are here…So I have a temporary base  that I share  with another so that I can focus on  a new learning curve and being forced to do art for assignments.I have not been arting for a year now due to lack of space and the type of work i enjoy. The very generous gift came from a friend that knows that this is something that I have wanted to do for years.I am very damn grateful for this new pathway laid before me.

Pop up market,Silva Bay.kewl art mobile bus

Pop up market,Silva Bay.kewl art mobile bus

My traveling companions kasper and peso are well….they have adjusted very well with the changes and moves.My temporary digs are up close and personal with the ocean in an apartment building with wonderful bonuses of a pool and hot tub(ocean view) sauna,games room,gym and a wonderful seawall stroll for peso and I.Please do not ask me if I have found a place of my own,I will let u know as soon as I do.

Road Trip: Cumberland

Road Trip: Cumberland

I can be reached via email,Skype and face book..Thank U so much for those that have kept in touch while I have been nomadic its appreciated!!! Check in on my blog often for updates as I embrace my coursework and getting to know Victoria and area. I hope that the summer has treated u all well…Happy Fallish!!!
In Artistic Solidarity;
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8 Responses to Pop Up Rhonda………………….

  1. Nikole Houk says:

    That’s awesome Rhonda.

  2. Gwynne says:

    Welcome to the Island-I am only a 3 hour drive away my friend. Nice to hear from you.

  3. Nancy Arcand says:

    So nice to get caught up….Thank you for posting…..So wonderful that you can begin this new adventure and I am happy for you……love to Kasper and Peso and you my friend!!

  4. Robyn Stoy says:

    Oh my Deer woman, bounding relentlessly ahead! Love it. I am so pleased for you as I know it’s an avenue you will rock at. All the best my loving friend….HUGS from your fellow Gemini Deer sister

  5. Violette says:

    Wow – Rhonda – you are such a gypsy – I love it. Sounds like you will be realizing one of your dreams – I’m so happy for you!

    As you know I am on the Sunshine Coast now and so far I love it. Don’t have Internet yet (just using the phone connection) and will write more later.

    Take care -my fellow Gemini – love Violette

  6. Virginia says:

    Rhonda, as always your life is a continuous exciting adventure! Looking forward to hearing about your new art course. Your new digs sound perfect for you and Peso! xxxx Love and hugs

  7. So awesome Rhonda! It makes me so happy to hear from you, and such good news. I would love to hear more about your course. Sounds wonderful. I sometimes wonder if maybe I should have taken Art Therapy? It was offered at the same university where I got my BFA. At the time it was important to me to see myself as an Artist! But I would have more options for employment with the other degree. Stay in touch. You are very much loved, and I miss you a lot. Love’n’hugs, Ann

  8. Klau says:

    So happy for you Amiga!!

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