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Hello Summer!!! In this neck of the B.C woods the weather has been awesome and i for one am enjoying every hot minute of it.So since i have been missing in action this last month life continues to ebb and flow here on the Sunshine Coast and i would say that I am settling in although still searching for an affordable live/work space.


However the summer thus far has been good at my current living environment,the container garden is busting out and full of lots of yummies such as swiss chard,onions,lettuce,strawberries,basil,chives,mint,tomatoes.Its looking and tasting great.The pleasure of watching these veggies/herbs grow up has been alot of fun.Honestly I have never been a traditional ground gardener which became even moreso validated living in Mexico seeing all that can be grown in small or larger rooftop patios and courtyards. The conditions here present well in terms of loads of sun in a right location along the edge of my deck.


The Deck has been full on blessings as its been used for gardening,arting,entertaining,dining/cooking, reading/writing,meditation,dog space. Sonja(my landlady) was kind in purchasing a shed for me to work or store my diverse range of Art supplies this shed will stay on the property,but its been a bonus having it here.


There are always pros and cons to living in the country two of the biggest cons for me are being car dependent and wildlife. One of the reasons i would like to live in Gibsons is to be nearer to shopping either within walking distance or i can hop on the bus which isn’t so easy out here in Roberts Creek especially where i live.


Wildlife has been a big part of my existence early on when i moved in thus far I’ve had two up close and personal bear encounters. One large Adult bear under my tin can bedroom window,the second bear a cub literally ran in front of my car not far from the tin can.


Other wild visitors to the Casa have been coyotes,eagles,hawks,hummingbirds and other varied birds. On the ocean front i have encountered eagles,hawks,otters,dolphins,small snakes…driving about the coast loads of deer and coyotes. There are times that i feel that i am living on the set of Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom,do y’all remember that weekly show on tv many years back. Peso is an interest to Hawks and Eagles,a number of close calls has placed me in the position to have him on leash when we are out and about except for Monday’s dog walk when its a pack of dogs and humans or visiting friends homes.


The pros of rural living is the peace and quiet….except natures noises and the occasional drone of a lawnmower. The privacy factor gets a thumbs up along with being surrounded by trees and more trees. One learns to move with the rhythms of nature allowing it to become a beautiful ebb and flow. The Sunshine Coast is a very laid back manana manana lifestyle that has naturally unfolded for me over the past 8 months.


There are many times over the years that i have asked myself am i a city mouse or a country mouse? Well the conclusion i have come to is i am a small area mouse that enjoys a leisurely pace of living taking as much time that is needed to smell the roses.


Since this is overdue for now i bid u adieu and will see u here sooner rather than later….Stay Tuned as there are some upcoming changes.


Country Casa Sanctuary





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