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Welcome to Casa Sanctuary.  My name is Rhonda, Casa Sanctuary’s Life Artist in
Residence.  I believe that we all have a place to call our own.  This place to call our own isn’t necessarily a house, but is a place we feel ‘plugged into’.

In The Beginning:

Born and raised in the Maritimes, Fredericton, New Brunswick, I hail from a large family.  My love for creativity started as far back as I can recall and was a part of my everyday life.  When I became ill in my 30s, conversations with siblings, an Aunt and other family members made me realize that it was time to walk a different path.  As part of my wellness, I chose art, did art and, today, am art.

Moving hither and thither much of my life, my gypsy lifestyle became more complicated  when my daughter was born, but onward we went.  As a participant in lifelong learning, my eclectic education combines formal education with the mentorship of non-conformists. 

My deep love for ceramics began the moment I touched clay.  For four years, clay was a smorgasbord of delight; it’s funny when you find something that resonates.  You hear it as a life calling.  But clay ended up on the back burner due to a move.  I was heartbroken and lost without a creative paddle.  I felt paralyzed.  However the universe suggested that it was time to find another creative path.  Yes.  Permission to carry on.

With sculpture as a part of my clay routine, I was moved to assemblage art using discarded, throw-away items whose past lives I repurposed and redefined.  More recently, I’ve taken up painting.  One never knows what will show up when doors and windows are left open to allow life to flow in.

Casa Sanctuary:

I manifested a dream of traveling in Mexico as it had always rolled about in my soul.  So my journey began in 2008-2009.  Mexico and I embraced; it was love at first sight.  Many in Mexico name their homes, a delightful connection to a home.  “Casa Sanctuary” was born on this trip.  Casa Sanctuary is a lifestyle and live/work space where many creative things happen day to day inside of the Casa and out. Casa Sanctuary is home to the Creativity Transformational Coaching,retreats, workshops and  my own diverse expressions.