Hi All;

Here it is a month later and i am enjoying being back in San Miguel De Allende certainly happy to call it home…Tomorrow(Thursday) kasper and I move into our new digs,can ya tell i am excited!!! home is a very important part of my being this will be my third living space since living in Mexico.

I look forward to settling down and becoming diversely routine.Life in San Miguel is about staying open to the many possibilities that present themselves,although some things are planned alot of my days just unfolds. This morning i took myself out to breakfast to a fave place cafe media naranja,I took my journal and sat in front of the window..the restaurant is upstairs.there were certainly things that needed to be tended to but in those moments I sat looked at the window and wrote.

Time passed a couple of hours later with thoughts tucked into the journal it was time to move on…..Minutes on cell phone check,moving items check and so time progressed….had an awesome time hanging with old and new friends very spontaneous but i was open.As i walk up and down hills finding my way around going in and out looking at clothing,home,decor,food.there is a comfort and safety here.Looking about is daily inspiration not an overload but more like a beautiful download of calm serene creativity courses throughout me. I’m nervous though as this new body of art work feels big,as I stare at the panels there is many imaginings but no commitment of anything on the panels its all ideas…this is a reminder of when I was in my residency not having a clue of what the hell I was doing except showing up in that studio everyday..kinda of thinking that this is just another opportunity to show up..

The new digs is just a basic two bedroom with no quirks…so my idea is to use the whole apartment as a blank canvas and mark it as my own…this was something that i began in my Ajijic space….there is anxiety surrounding this as when those creative home ideas unfold some of them can be out there like my graffiti kitchen wall which i miss alot.Well its time to sign off as tomorrow opens up new doorways….Art On Babies!!! Kasper says howdy..

Please enjoy a virtual stroll about San Miguel De Allende…



later gators;


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  1. khadejha says:

    hey girl:
    thought about you this morn 3″00 am and looked you up on the net ,,,,wow some adventures ,,,,hey,,, glad to see you are ok,,,,i also,wondered why not sanm,,,,but the only thing that matters is safety,,,n happiness,,,,i also have new diggs,but in the same vicinity and phone # 250-931=0852,,,here on salt spring,,,,am starting a whole new area in my art,,,,will flicker some images soon,,,glad to find you again,,,hows you daughter and gran,,,did you get to germany,,,,malik is having a kid,with chuzuru,,,,time marches on,,,,love,,,k

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