Casa Sanctuary has  virtual shopping that u can purchase my art goodies from..check back often to see whats new and while u are at it hop on over to the galeria….For your shopping pleasure we have Ereadings that are always available and

 366 Days Postcard Project

NEW……EReading: Intuitive Guidance Sessions

I already see you as a being capable of creating and healing your own life. An honest and neutral reading of you can be a great awakening for you, and help you see yourself and Create Your Way. After all you have free will; you create your life by the choices you make.

A Ereading can help facilitate your insights.

My name is Rhonda.  My primary focus while reading is to see your energy clearly, without judgment, and communicate what I see in a thoughtful and gentle way.

My gifts are Clairvoyance (seeing) Clairaudience (hearing) and Psychometry (reading energy from an object)

What to expect From your Ereading:
When I do a Ereading, I am looking at the energy field, your aura, and ‘reading’the energies present there within the email everything has energy and vibrations. These energies that come to me may be seen as pictures, colors,words and so on.

Booking and Payment for a Ereading:

1.EReadings are $25.00 & $50.00

2. $25.00-one question

$50.00-3 questions

3.Please send me your request for a Ereading as well as your First Name,Age and Gender to:

*Please indicate one question or three questions

4.Upon receiving payment and clearing of funds. A Completed Email Reading will be sent to the email you provided within 24-72 hours.

5. Please be clear in submitting your question(s)

Booking and Payment for a Ereading…..

There are Two ways to Pay:


I will send you a Paypal invoice requesting payment;
PayPal Email Payments is an easy-to-use payment solution that lets your customers pay online using a credit card, bank account, or PayPal balance

Money Transfer
Interac email money transfer(limited banks,please check if your bank)


Bright Blessings;





3 Responses to Shop

  1. Rhonda, I am ready to be a part of your Post Card project. Do you have paypal set up for me or would it be better if you sent me a personal email? I guess I am concerned about posting my account number but I have payed things via paypal for a few years now.

    I just don’t see here where I do the paypal payment.

    LOVE your blog and would love to take that stroll with you as the photos look so inviting I can “see” you walking down that beach front and with that great walk you have, the beautiful smile on your face, that way you say “hello” with such emotion and feeling in it, YES you are quite the woman and artist.

    I look forward to hearing from you and reading more on your daily journey there in Mexico!

    LOVE and HUGS


  2. Judy Lynne says:

    Great blog. Beautiful art. Looking forward to seeing it in a gallery on the Sunshine Coast.

  3. geraldine says:

    hello, i came in earlier last week with my pal and i. you told us a lovely story of yourself. i am interested in an ereading, never heard of it. i would like three questions. not sure on the whole paypal thing. look forward to your response.


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