hanging out with Buddha

Out and About chilling with Buddha at Phoenix Rising Metaphysical Emporium in Langley,BC

Well Hello There;
I want to wish u all a blessed Spring Equinox…..The other morning around 6 ish i was nudged from a deep sleep with the beautiful song of a bird….it was sweet pushing me into full awake mode with a smile on my face knowing from that melody that spring has arrived.I stayed in bed listening to the bird signing its little heart out. It felt like a full symphony that beautiful birdsong.Upon the conclusion of that song,I felt truly alive and grateful for the wonders of nature.

I consider myself a three season gal,yes yes i know there are four seasons but three is my number. so spring,summer and fall but knowing that winter also has a place in the season turns.Its been awhile since the blog has had any words written upon it…my words and myself have been in hibernation.

Spring has a way of impacting humans and nature as new growth along with an awakening unfolds.

So dear readers plant some seeds sow and nurture those dreams cause they matter..Thanx for stopping in..Stay tuned as my own seeds will soon be sprouting new ways of life for me…

Happy Springing


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