Howdy Readers;
I am a summer person heat and all,love all that sunshine,blue skies and intense heat.We all resonate to different seasons.Thus far summer has been full on .I’ve come to the realization that at this point in my life I am not a condo gal its really hit hard when my small balcony called out to be adorned.So with flowers,veggies,herbs,sculptures and a sitting space.TA DA! my outside space unfolded although it left me wanting more outside space to play in,have peso and kasper hang out,friends come over.The balcony with the way I have it set up is really comfy for one. The gardening bug hit me hard this year so besides the edibles on the balcony a friend had offered me space on her one acre property to garden.We set about building 4×4 raised garden beds and bam the gardening goddess has blessed me with bountiful harvests…Its been an awesome journey pushing me wanting to add more growing of my food to daily living.

New Art Piece "Trust"

New Art Piece “Trust”

So the other things I have been doing Project Olivia which is reading books on video and uploading them to a private YouTube channel she is loving it and thinks I am a kewl nana lol lol lol

Project Olivia

Project Olivia

I have become a candle maker…more on that later

arting..loads of making

enjoying and becoming reacquainted with where I live…

Volunteering in my community..upcoming Mission Folk Festival this weekend YAHOO!!

Just Hanging Out….

Happy Summer Days to U?

In Artistic Solidarity;



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One Response to Summer Loving

  1. Virginia says:

    Hi Rhonda:

    Your post sounds like you are happy and I love that! Growing your own food and veges is wonderful too. I have always wanted to have a bigger veg garden and your 4 x 4 looks perfect. And of course, I LOVE your “project Olivia” . What a wonderful thing for Olivia to have and listen to again and again and see and hear her nana. Your always full of great new creative ideas.

    Blessings, Love and Hugs

    Virginia XXXX

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