Once upon a time their was a big rocking chair left outside to battle the elements,it was unloved although the intention of the previous owner had been to breathe new life into it .However due to time and other projects looming she decided to let the chair go. It sat in the elements for many moons until one day a picture of this chair was sent to an artist with the question of “would u like this chair”?. The artist immediately fell in love with the chair and its potential.

rocking chair

The chair was delivered to the artists then country casita. It sat outside once again battling the elements.The days began to warm,allowing the artist to move the chair under cover to dry out and just be while the artist contemplated what the outlook could look like in her mind.


The chair’s transformation began with a new coat of  white primer paint,over three days with the sun and blue skies the artist lovingly placed a coat on the chair.The chair was proud of this new coat and sat proudly waiting as the artist whispered that there was more to be added to the white coat.     002


The day arrived when the artist with a new paint brush in hand and a can of paint stood in front of the chair and said “Today I am going to add some color ontop of your coat”. In anticipation the artist and chair together looked at the rich purple paint that was going to become the final layer of the chairs transformation.


The artist lovingly brushed the purple paint all about on the chair.The chair embraced her inner beauty unfolding in purple.


Today sitting in the comfy chair,the artist and I rock back and forth enjoying the comfort and serenity by a roaring fire.I have a place of honor here at Casa Sanctuary waiting to embrace all who sit and rock in my comfy chair.



Signed;                                                                                                      010

The Comfy Chair


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3 Responses to The Comfy Chair…………..

  1. Lynne says:

    I love you Rhonda. And I love your purple chair. Let’s try to get together before Christmas.
    Much love

  2. Robert & Natalie McCarvill says:

    Love your chair story! We like to reclaim, refinish & purpose furniture ourselves. Got several projects going on at the moment. One thing that is always true with these projects ~ they All take longer than you think they will!

    Love to you ~ xxxooo,
    Robert & Natalie

  3. Ernie says:

    Too cool! Are those dancing goddesses on the wall?
    We miss you.
    Ernie and Irene

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