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I hope the summer is embracing u with its heat,colorful flowers,greenery,singing birds and u taking some chilling time. Life is in the summer flow here at Casa Sanctuary with the first rains blessing Mother Earth here.

Recently  another birthday was celebrated 49 years to be exact  my celebrations took place in San Miguel De Allende….I can see your questions  and puzzlement  clearly from here, so lets continue…As of May 20th I now reside in San Miguel De Allende.

In early April rumblings began regarding the drug wars unknown to many of us,The “ZETAS” were in our Ajijic village and surrounding areas. The unnecessary deaths became public to the village residents and beyond..Panic and Fear took over,it was more than stressful.Rumors flew around and about us,but the truth became evident in the death count and sadly it was Mexican families most impacted with the loss of loved ones.Fear became evident and very real in early business closings and residents locked in their homes by 9pm nightly.To say the least I was overwhelmed by it all as none of this was familiar to me.

The nights were the hardest as literally nothing was moving outside,you did not hear the birds,insects,the stray street animals and the hardest hitting was that their was no human life evident on the streets,my Ajijic village had become a ghost town ruled by human fear due to fighting over territory that was needed as a pathway to move drugs.I had never felt in all my life such heavy dark energy it was eerie,the daytime hours were consumed with talk of what,why,how many more bodies were discovered much of it unfounded rumors.This way of life became routine but I hadn’t figured the stress would become Post traumatic..I was in survival mode hoping with all my might that this too shall pass.

The Military,Feds,State Feds and local polica moved in  and were everywhere…The military would come out at night patrolling the Caretera(highways) it was was very unsettling for me and many others.It was common in the daylight hours and night to see the Feds and Local Polica racing down the cobblestone streets in their trucks with many armed men riding in the back.

I felt unsure as to what to do because it felt like things were escalating but still there was feeble hope from me.One day I spoke to a dear friend and she strongly suggested that I move on from Ajijic.I listened as I was unable to make any decisions as to what to do.The final straw for me was one day when I came out of my door on the way to the corner store my head was down and hat on, upon reaching the store I looked up and there on the corners and street in front of the corner were alot of state feds guns pulled,I slowly turned and walked back to my casa a firm decision that it was time to make haste….

I spoke to a couple of friends that I made in Ajijic and they were also considering moving,so they asked me about San Miguel De Allende and I told them what I knew  from my experiences there in 2009…It was quickly determined then and there in that conversation that we would leave together and move to San Miguel. Meanwhile other friends had also made decisions to leave.The lack of sleep and stress moved us out of there within one week,luckily the doors opened and our friend Nicholas(who is Mexican) agreed to drive us to San Miguel.

So readers here I am  calling San Miguel De Allende home,feeling more like myself after three weeks of settling here it feels great to be back here.Its funny as many wondered why I didn’t come here in the first place.I look at the facts that it took a Drug War to move me where I was supposed to be in the first place however saying that Ajijic was a good start plus the fact of connecting with some awesome people for that I am very grateful.

Please know that I am safe and sound here…I know some may question why I didn’t come back into Canada,Well I am not ready to leave Mexico yet rest assured though that if the drug cartels come a calling here my brown ass will be back in Canada.

The above piece entitled “Fear” is a work in progress that has allowed me to work through my drug war experience

Thanx for dropping in….See ya sooner rather than later

Please tune in weekly for updates about my life here in San Miguel De Allende……

******Ajijic Update….I continue to keep in touch with friends living in Ajijic and their words are that things have returned to normal.Although many residents left, the remaining expats and nationals are hopeful that the territory drug war is behind them.

In Artistic Solidarity;











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