Hello my name is Rhonda, And I am 50. Howdy Dear Readers. its been awhile in real time and virtual world but here i be.On June 3rd 2013 I turned 50 years old and today i am proud of “The New 50” although several months back that mere number had me spiraling in depression and avoiding fear.


I mean really why all the emotion over embracing a higher number, well as human nature is I had expectations upon myself instead of just accepting the here and now,nope it was far easier to get and live in my head subscribing to the would,should club. Now that i’ve moved on from that mind set. One can understand how easy it is to rerun the past instead of looking at the wonder standing right in front of u.


The Blessings of good friends,art,journaling,writing,meditation,walks on the beach continue to be a large part of my journey process,however none of the above are a fast fix what they are is more of communion and connection with self, now that sounds easy but its very difficult and takes showing up and stepping forward…Saturday a number of friends came to celebrate my 50 coming out and it was beautiful how blessed i felt and feel to be surrounded with such an awesome group of people who i am so proud to call friends.


The diverse abundance started a week before my birthday with visits from my dear friends from Guatemala,also incoming memory stories/pictures through email/snail mail that i had requested from friends and family so that i could create a book to be passed onto my daughter and granddaughter,art materials, and plants etc.


My heart was open which felt damn good and to show up present …it truly was a magickal

time….It did my soul good to change things up so i am grateful for my birthday that allowed me to move forward with grace,love,support,encouragement and acceptance from all of u that I share life with. Thank You,Thank You,Thank You..Thank You All for the Many Blessings….


Please enjoy the pics from my celebrations…..






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3 Responses to “The New 50”

  1. Petra says:

    Hello Rhonda!

    Wonderful party and it was great to spend time with you! I hear the 50s are about taking all that we’ve learned in our 50 years and sharing our vast experiences with the world. That being said, I can hardly wait to see what you will share next, in your unique artistic way. Happy Birthday my friend! -P

  2. Turning 50 is a golden age and a landmark. I like to think of it as the half way mark! I’m moving closer to 70 and I do plan to live to 100 or beyond. Your creative spirit and my creative spirit came together a few years ago at a workshop I was teaching. It could as easily have been the other way around. I knew from our first meeting that we were soul sisters in art. Every time I get together with you that knowing is reinforced. I give you dolls I have made because I know they will be very happy with you, and that you appreciate them. I wish I had a car if only to be able to see you more often! Love and hugs, Annyb

  3. Rog says:

    Looked to be a fun ripper of a party, cupcakes. Wish we were there to celebrate. Jane is planning her 60th bash in San Miguel the first week of April- Any chance of a visit? Love you,


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