Its a blue sky sunny day here…My doors and windows are flung open so that i can enjoy the fresh air and revel in the sunshine. Its now 8 weeks and counting down rather quickly to showtime. The “Altar Ego” pieces are showing themselves in many different forms. Some of these forms have been a surprise to me. The lesson that is ongoing when it comes to art is that more than anything i need to show up and listen.


I had a plan(please hold the laughter) or vision as to how i saw the altars..Yeah,Right and NO!!! there have been numerous changes to the pieces that will be shown in July. The thing is when i get out of my way its amazing what i hear and see in these pieces.


I am definitely being led within myself before i come out and create one piece at a time. Plus i believe my beloved Garry’s spirit continues his mentor ship although he is not on Mother earth, amazing things have shown up. Its all about me being open and receiving what is needed…it also means letting go of outcomes and for me that likes to control what i can well that theory does not apply here.007

One of the pieces is a receiving Altar and the challenge is …What is receiving? and What does that mean to me?011
Let me tell u this piece has been fraught with any kind of challenge that i throw at it…the last few days when i let go and stop over thinking it and LISTEN. Wham…the altar and i are connecting which is making it easier to work in harmony.


I receive many visits from panic and doubt but truly i do not have time for them,so i acknowledge them and carry on as time is ticking. The biggest thing for me is to trust that it will be what it will be…So dear readers this is short and sweet just to stop in and say yep things continue to creatively perk here at the Casa.

Sending u good vibrations;


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