Hey are ya still there?
I know its been such a long time since words have been laid down here in this space.I am here now and would like to Welcome U Back…Come On In..

seeing life through different lens

seeing life through different lens

My Ellie Hat from Taylor

My Ellie Hat from Taylor

We left off where I was only weeks away from my solo show “Altar Ego”. First and Foremost is a huge shout out to all who contributed to the creation of the show.Thank U to those that could make it on show day on a very especially crazy hot day day in July 2015.Thank U for supporting my art with your purchase.


A waterfront housesit (Sept/October 2015)

Its now very near to December as I sit and write this glancing out the window observing the frost and feeling the cold when I go out to walk the dog.I have taken much needed time off from creating and writing but it feels time to resurface. The condo has been turned back into full on living space with the fireplace adding such warmth and light inside.

me and my girls

Me and My Grandgirls…Trip to Augusta Georgia (Oct/Nov 2015)

There were many blessings and lessons I received from “Altar Ego” ,its taken awhile to sit with all of it.The way of the world is very technology based and as an artist its highly suggested to use Social Media.I’ve made some decisions regarding my return on many levels. Like my physical art tools I use to create my work…there are a few Social Media tools that I am comfortable interacting with Instagram and my Blog. So your asking how do u get your work out there?

That is a question for myself that I am redefining so keep checking back as this unfolds for me. As an artist this is my journey and choices as to how I present my work creatively…We each find the ways that work for who we are.

Altar Ego for me was my most challenging work to date.It made me open up to listen to myself very deeply and stop trying to control the outcome of any given piece(which is also about living life) in fact I was quite surprised at what came out of me.What I know is that I have Art in My Heart translating itself in many forms.Thank U so much for stopping in its very appreciated.I am stepping into the rhythm of the winter and all it will bring…So for now I will see ya’ll later
In Artistic Solidarity;

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  1. Virginia says:

    Rhonda, As always, your writing flows so smoothly and eloquently! Thanks for sharing your experiences and your insights.

    Love and hugs,


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