This is the story of the marking of my space Casa Sanctuary,its the story of a graffiti

Ozze sketching it out....

wall….One wall in my kitchen was intentional with the color red…the painting of my space downstairs happened shortly after i moved in (December 2011)Casa Creativity is in stages as additional cash flows in as well as evolving creative ideas to make the space mine..

The two years of residency  in Harrison Hot Springs,B.C allowed me to indulge in a love of graffiti using it as teaching tool with high school students…Graffiti became a staple in my creative toolbox that would stay.


My hands on experience continues to be a work in progress as i take stabs at it in small ways…The red kitchen wall in my mind already was all about graffiti when it got painted…I put it out in my Ajijic community for a graffiti artist,quickly a response came,then a meeting and the day dawned for operation graffiti wall..
The Artist Ozze(tag name) arrived mid day on a monday….Ozze is a 51 Mexican

Paint Mixing

male year old full of talent and equal art knowledge….A box of spray cans,nozzles he was good to go…..a quick sketch was done,some of the componets that i wanted were heart,soul food,Rho(a nickname)..Ozze incorporated a clock,text time 4,letter colors(Jamacian Colors of flag) and Mama(many Mexican men call me “Mama” which is respect i learned from Ozze)

It all came together in a very eye catching powerful was collaboration although its not my hands on work but more the idea and it was kewl that we did work together..The Graffiti Wall has a simplicity about it.However it does grab the viewers attention right away upon looking up!!
There was more to learn about Graffiti especially that u can mix paint from can to can!!! that was very kewl and something that i was completely unware of..Observing Ozze’s ease,confidence,natural ability,experience of controlling the cans to mark the wall  was an art totally in itself!!! My hat goes off to my friend Ozze,I feel so honoured to have an original piece of his work within Casa Sanctuary..


Thanx for tuning into read the story of the “Graffiti Wall” so ease on down the page and check out the pics Part 1& 2
Art On……
Stay Tuned for the rest of Pics Tomorrow!!!
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