Hello My People;

Its a home day here at a Casa Sanctuary and high time to catch up with all.so first and foremost the Casa has moved into a live/work space..YEP!!! a big casa fit for an artist to live and create in. yeah baby!! September found me settling in Gibson’s,without a car Roberts Creek was a harder space to stay plus I had outgrown the space.031

035So here I be with exciting changes happening here so that tells me it was a good move.My sisters one year passing was on the 16th of September and I forgot all about it as I feel her spirit had something to do with that as my energy/attitude was full on. When I came to the realization that I had missed her day,it ended up being a wonderful week for me and it was the right thing to do is continue to move on with my life carrying my sister in heart daily.032

So more about my live/work space….its 3bdrms/2.5 bathrooms located in upper Gibson’s mere steps from my needs.The space is two floors,high ceilings,loads of natural light and gas fireplace are some of the features I am enjoying. Some may ask that it’s quite a large space for a single occupant. Yes it is,Have u seen my stuff, art and otherwise??? However being an artist I require space for my ever-growing art collection and art supplies. Spreading out has its benefits. One bedroom is dedicated to work space. The Living Room has become my personal gallery for old and new works all of them for sale.030

This space works for my needs and is something that I’ve wanted for awhile and awhile it took to come into being. All my impatience did not push the present space any earlier. The time is now and I am very grateful for my digs.

It took little time to whip my live/work space into home….with creativity spread throughout welcoming u in to make yourself comfy.

My roomies Peso the dog and Kasper the cat have embraced the new digs especially all the space..033

My live/work space will host creative workshops inviting in six people at time.so stay tuned for the workshops upcoming. There is a spare bedroom for guests as well for 1-3 day Art Residencies. The Sunshine Coast is truly in my humble opinion fun to hang out for a day trip,weekend or 1 week.Being close to water in itself is soothing for the soul.020021

Its good to catch up and I shall return..Thanx so much for dropping into Casa Sanctuary…..I hope to see u again soon.



In Artistic Solidarity;




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4 Responses to Xpansion…..

  1. Virginia Ashmore says:

    Rhonda, WOW! Your new “digs” look amazing! Very inviting indeed. I can definitely see your new place hosting many new Art Residencies and Creative Workshops. I am so happy for you that your dream has come true!

    All the very best to a wonderful creative woman.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on Living your Life Large. You have always, and I know will always make everything possible. This is beautiful proof of all you are capable of doing. You and your Art are a added blessing to all that come in contact with it. Keep smiling.

  3. Joyce Pate says:

    Hey girl,
    I love your space!! It’s so Rhonda!! I also like the Casa Sanctuary with the mirror and glass. I hope things come to fullness there for you despite all you have gone through.

    Love you,

  4. Sharon Blythe says:

    Hi Rhonda – long time – no see !are you still in Gibsons ? Love the ‘digs’. Just saw your poster for the July 18th event. Sounds interesting, but unfortunately I have another engagement – damn it anyway !! Take care. Sharon

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